Eccentric? Yes. Successful? Very.

Seattle Times is running a long copy feature on enigmatic Seattle firm, Wexley School for Girls. There’s not much new information about Wexley in the article, but there is this journalistic conclusion:

Wexley is an ad firm tailor-made for the “broadcast yourself” YouTube age, where it’s fun to pretend you’re too cool to be snagged by even the cleverest of sales pitches, but cool enough to view marketing ploys as an alternate form of entertainment.
What founders Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister and managing director Brian Marr know is we are more like sheep than we want to think. Very little in our consumption-oriented daily lives happens without the influence of marketing and that often-used term, buzz.

The article also reveals that friends of Cohen and McAllister gave the pair “three months” before the game would be unceremoniously up. Ha!
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