e Squared: It’s A 2009 Sequel. But No Twitter? OMG? WTF?

A creative guy travels to Nigeria to respond to a scam. The managing partner is always off at a flaky New Age seminar. And someone’s nicking the office bit by bit and selling it on eBay to pay off gambling debts. The fun rolls on!
When it was first published 10 years ago, Matt Beaumont’s “e” was a sensation. A brilliantly conceived novel about an ad agency, as told strictly through a series of e-mails. It was funny as hell and quick to read–I had a copy that at least 10 people in my office read over just a few weeks. Beaumont has written some other books in the interim but none captured the “e” magic.
Well, now e Squared is here (I ordered it through Amazon UK, don’t know when it’s coming here.) And it’s years later. Some of the Miller Shanks crew are still around, though now they’re at a agency called Meerkat360. We get a few more literary devices for the times–including blog posts and texting. But no Twitter! Don’t know why Beaumont left that out. e Squared is 500 pages long, but you’ll polish it off quickly as I did. It’s not the revelation that the original was, but it’s entertaining.



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Dan Goldgeier is a Seattle-based freelance copywriter with experience at advertising agencies across the U.S. He is a graduate of the Creative Circus ad school, and currently teaches at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts. Dan is also a columnist for TalentZoo.com and the author of View From The Cheap Seats and Killer Executions and Scrubbed Decks.