Dynamic, Real Time Display Ads Better Than The Current Dross

According to ClickZ, The Google is quietly testing a new display ad format that integrates a marketer’s tweets and allows people to follow said marketer without leaving the page they’re on.

Google has made no announcement regarding the program, but Qualité Search Marketing, a firm based in Oslo, Norway, said it was invited by Google to join the beta test on May 7.
Google declined to address the program directly, but acknowledged that it was running a number of experiments with different technology partners.
“To provide more marketing opportunities for our advertisers to reach users in moments that are relevant and useful to them, we are currently testing different ways that allow advertisers to better update their ads in real time,” wrote a Google spokesperson.

This sounds interesting, but I wonder if a marketer gets to select which tweets are sent to their display ads and which ones remain on Twitter. Without such controls, every tweet becomes an ad, and that scenario is highly problematic.



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I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. Today—after working for seven agencies in five states—I am head of brand strategy and creative at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon.