Dude, You Tagged Your Wall

Pop culture gets absorbed by advertising everyday. Hardly a news flash. At any rate, I’m confident that Pop Cling’s brand of adhesive art will be reworked by a brand for its own purposes in the near future. If I were Pop Cling I would want to work with that brand, but I’m not Pop Cling. This is Pop Cling:

Pop Cling makes art. Kick-ass, adhesive-backed art. You peel it off the backer and stick the image on any smooth surface. Try putting images on your concrete floors, or the sliding glass door leading to your balcony, or on your shower door, or on your kitchen cabinets. You don’t need a frame, you just need a blank space. Voila, you have fresh pop art on your wall from new, favorite, and cutting edge artists. They really are limited edition. They really come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. Pop Cling really is new and completely different.

[via Cool Hunting]



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