Do You Microchunk?

Wonder Branding’s Michelle Miller on “Microchunking”–the act of breaking media into smaller bits prior to consumption:

This is the Internet as it was meant to be – the ultimate, customizable tool for each and every individual on the planet. Social media like blogs, wikis, Flickr and YouTube are simply the foundation. We are just now getting a peek at the new era of Extreme Customer Empowerment, and it will affect how you do business in the future.
Are you a garden center that offers on-site classes in landscaping? Why not also offer an online version of the seminar? Why not microchunk the seminar into 5 minute, downloadable video segments so the customer can watch at her leisure?
Are you an office supply retailer that boasts of low, low prices? Have you been on ScanBuy to see who might talk the same talk… and actually be lower?
Like it or not, delivery by means of technology is going to play a big role in marketing budgets of the future. At the very least, you should be aware of what’s going on in technology and how it’s changing the way consumers interact with products and services. We haven’t seen the death of traditional advertising and marketing… yet. But just like the movie theatre, its peak effectiveness has long passed.
What “new curve” opportunities are out there for you? The more you know today, the more competitive you’ll be tomorrow.



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