Currying Favor

MicroPersuasion is running a piece on podcasting pioneer Adam Curry. Curry recently spoke to Fortune about the podcasting network he’s launching.
Just as blogs have challenged mainstream media, Curry predicts that podcasts will take on radio and satellite. “With podcasting, people can tune out the world and listen to whatever they choose,” says Curry. “In a way we’re really looking at the dismantling of the monoculture,” he says. Guess it’s a good thing he’s not at MTV anymore.
I’m still getting up to speed as to why podcasting, and not internet radio, is the disruptive technology of the audio moment. So, I asked someone to explain and someone did.
A gentleman named Jay, writing in Steve Rubel’s comments said: “I think that if someone can better explain to podcasting newbies and those just entering the ‘sphere that podcasting is like TiVo-ing your favorite sites, you’ll have more lightbulb (read: a-ha!) moments. Of course if i’m at my computer and can listen to a cast for 10 minutes I will – but knowing that my little iPod is picking up the other casts that I want to hear but can’t right now, and will store them for me to listen to in the car, in line at the bank, running, etc is liberating, and makes the ‘casts seem more built for my life.”
So, it the mobile aspect. That’s my a-ha! moment, provided by Jay.
Okay, why don’t Apple and company make it so we can pick up internet radio stations via our mobile listening devices? Or is this “next step” already in the pipes?



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