Cuervo Drinkers In Mexico Wear Their Brand Loyalty On Their Upper Lips

Jose Cuervo is challenging Mexicans to grow really big mustaches in honor of their country’s bicentennial next month.

According to Ad Age, independent Mexico City agency Anonimo came up with the unusual bicentennial concept, playing off one of Mexico’s most iconic national symbols, the macho-man mustache, as sported by revolutionary Pancho Villa.
Everyone who grows a ‘stache or paints one on and then uploads a photo to will have his or her name printed on the label of the world’s biggest tequila bottle, which will be presented on the bicentennial day and preserved as part of Mexico’s history.
In the comments on the Ad Age article, Benjamin says, “The mustache campaign is deeply rooted in the DNA of the brand and associates itself with national pride and attempts to start a cultural movement.”
In unrelated facial hair news, Portland, Oregon is home to lots of “beardos.” In fact, there’s a great Tumblr site dedicated to the lifestyle.



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