Crispin Loves Big Hairy Audacious Goals, But This One’s A Bit Hairier Than Making The King Cool Again

Crispin Porter + Bogusky wants to solve BP’s Deepwater Horizon problem, gratis.
According to co-executive creative director, Andrew Keller, the idea of putting the agency to work on solving this oil spill thing, is “so crazy it might work.”
Here are some of the ideas floating to the surface:

  • land art : collaborate with land art pioneer Cristo to wrap in textile up all affected shores and auction off the resulting piece to gather funds for cleaning & prevention
  • Donate vacation days to volunteer in the cleanup. These should be matched by the employers.
  • Get those organisms from Lake Baikal in Russia that eat oil. Clone them. Bring them here.

Send your own idea to and Keller will add it to the mix as long as it’s not offensive and isn’t a joke. “We are not looking for any credit, money or patents; we just like using the weird parts of our brain,” says Keller.



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