Cramer/Krasselt Gets “D” For Hyatt Work

Lewis Lazare in today’s Sun Times: What’s most depressing about this new Hyatt campaign, called “Spliced,” is that its creators have completely forgotten — or else totally ignored — the cardinal rule of truly great and memorable advertising: Tell a good and relevant story, and tell it extraordinarily well.
That is certainly NOT what the Hyatt spots — at least the ones we saw — do. As the campaign title implies, each spot comprises a fleeting series of snippets of stuff all spliced together to create a 30 second jumble that is utterly confusing.
One commercial concludes with the line “this is not your typical hotel story,” and in one sorry sense, that line is exactly right. The commercial is not a typical hotel story at all.
It’s no story. The work is just a maddening muddle of ho-hum visuals that convey not one iota of comprehendable information about the “Hyatt touch.”
Hotels, even Hyatts, can indeed be fun, beautiful, even sexy places to hang one’s hat for a few days. But you’d never know that from “Spliced.”
Lew’s view: D



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