Chip Kelly’s Ducks Are Like Chocolate And Peanut Butter

Context is king. Content is queen. I’m cool with that, as long a content is still on the thrown.

Reese’s, for one, knows what I am sayin’…

Naturally, this :15-second spot plays during college football on Saturday afternoons, and it is a reference to not settling for just one point after a score, when two will do quite nicely, thank you.

The spot above would work during any gridiron season, but to my mind it works much better in the present moment, as Chip Kelly’s #1 ranked Oregon Ducks routinely go for two. A fact which changes the sport.

How would you like that on your resume?

Kelly saw a strategic opportunity where no one else did. Knowing his powerful offense will more than makeup for a failed two-point conversion, care of the rash of touchdowns to come, certainly helps Kelly “go for it,” but it doesn’t diminish his redrawing of the possibilities in the game.

We all want to win, but first we have to see a path to victory, and then execute flawlessly. It’s hard to do, and a pleasure to see, or be a part of when it does occur.



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