Can Unions Make A Comeback With The Help Of Advertising?

From the AP:

The campaign set to begin Sunday is the first major initiative of the Change to Win labor federation. The 30-second ad, called “Make Work Pay,” shows shrinking images of workers as a narrator talks about the gulf between the rich and poor.
“They don’t have golden parachutes or stock options,” the narrator says. “They are tens of millions of hardworking Americans. But while their companies’ profits get fatter and fatter … and their CEOs get richer and richer … workers get left farther and farther behind.”
The ad says average chief executive pay, already in the multimillion-dollar range, rose sharply in the last year.
The ad campaign is being combined with a high-profile push by labor chiefs like Andrew Stern of the Service Employees International Union and James Hoffa of the Teamsters to organize new workers.

Lest you think the ad biz is light years away from this, don’t forget that actors and voice-over talents are often protected by SAG and AFTRA. Many years ago, I wondered why ad people don’t have a union.



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