#BreaktheMonotony Social Media Campaign from SPAM Rolls Out in Real-Time

Content is the substance of real-time social media marketing.

Now, how do we make it good and make it current at the same time? Isn’t that like walking and chewing gum?

According to the Star-Tribune, the social media campaign is the work of Minneapolis-based BBDO Proximity, which has served as Hormel’s only advertising agency for more than 80 years.

The SPAM team meets daily, constantly surfs the Internet to see what topics are generating buzz on any particular day and then social media posts — usually less than 15 seconds in length — are developed. The voice of Sir Can-A-Lot comes from a professional voice-over actor in Los Angeles. The animation work is shipped to a specialty shop in Portland, Ore.

“It’s almost like a newsroom,” said BBDO executive creative director Brian Kroening of the immediacy of the campaign.

A newsroom that produces haiku for canned meats, that is.

Happy SPAM Meat clouds
Recline on soft bread pillows
Glorious it is

Is your brand part of the zeitgeist? Say it is so.

By the way, sales for the nation’s #1 canned meat product are up 7% for the year.

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