Belong To The Tribe For As Little As $220

Building community around your brand, online and off, is today the core activity of most progressive marketers. Two ambitious Brits, who may or may not give a hoot about such things, have put their own community building idea into play.
According to LA Times:

Two 26-year-old British entrepreneurs, Ben Keene (a.k.a. Chief Bengazi) and Mark James (a.k.a. Chief Marika), are seeking 5,000 people to join, a sort of tribal timeshare with a three-year lease on a Fijian island.
The goal: to build a sustainable eco-community and keep at bay developers with dreams of massive hotel complexes.
Memberships — Nomad ($220), Hunter ($440) and Warrior ($660) — entitle members to seven, 14 or 21 days on the palm-fringed 200-acre oasis, 100 at a time. Fees cover food, lodging and local airport transfer.

While the idea seems like a reality TV show on its surface, Keene cautions it’s not a game.
[via Reveries]



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