Back To Basics Builds Business

Sullivan Higdon & Sink (the “We Hate Sheep” people from K.C.) got into this year’s CA Design Annual for their Shatto Milk Co. package design.

We at Shatto Milk Company have decided to provide our milk primarily in glass bottles. The reasons for this decision are very simple. First, the glass bottle tends to keep milk colder, and colder milk is more desirable. Second, glass bottles are much more environmentally friendly than plastic or paper. Our glass bottles can be washed and reused as many times as they are returned. Thus, recycling and reusing our bottles lowers the amount of material dumped in area landfills on a daily basis. Third, unlike paper cartons or plastic, glass imparts no foreign odor or flavor. Glass is not porous, and does not breathe like plastic and paper. Unlike plastic, glass is not made from petrochemicals (ethylene glycol, polyvinyl chloride, styrene and linear low-density polyethylene). Fourth, glass bottles are most notable in history for containing farm fresh milk from the local family farm and that is exactly what you are getting from us. We want there to be no confusion – our product is different. It is handled with the utmost care and packaged in the best container available, glass.

It’s interesting to note that Shatto can’t currently meet the demand for their product in the K.C. market. Also, customers have started to collect the dairy’s bottles, throwing a bit of a monkeywrech in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” argument, but a good sign, nevertheless.
Bottom line, people are starved for quality, and Shatto skillfully taps that nerve.



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