Ask For Permission, Or Ask For Forgiveness?

Jim Edwards of BNET is reporting on a PR stunt by Bavaria beer during the Holland v. Denmark World Cup game.

36 “Bavaria Beer Babes” got into the game disguised as Denmark supporters until they stripped down to their orange dresses, but they didn’t wear any beer logos. All they did was wear orange, the Dutch team’s color. They were kicked out of the game at half time after FIFA figured out they were a marketing ploy designed to attract crowd shots from broadcasters.
The reason for this is the dresses are associated with the lager brand as they are currently free with packs of Bavaria beer in Holland.
According to The Telegraph, South Africa has particularly strong laws to protect intellectual property and to punish “ambush marketing” where non-affiliated companies try to use the World Cup brand (Budweiser is the official beer sponsor of the World Cup). A fact which has led to the arrest, and consequent “traumatiziation”, of two organizers of the ploy.
[via AdScam/The Horror]



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