Antiquated Systems Beget Asinine Assumptions

Most businesses (and their trade groups) want deperately to befriend any and all customers. They spend countless dollars and time thinking up new ways to win customer loyalty. But the recording industry doesn’t play by those rules. They have their own draconian world view, and it gets stranger by the day.
Check out this Consumerist piece, where the RIAA tells one file sharer to quit school in order to pay their extortion.

Cassi Hunt has recently been accused by the RIAA of being guilty of file-sharing. We all know what happens now: the RIAA will extort her for thousands of dollars (in Cassi’s case, $3750) as a “settlement” to prevent her having to go to court. Or, as Cassie puts it in her highly entertaining and witty account: ” Let us screw you over gently now, or with chains and whips in court.”
But get this. When Cassi mentions she can’t afford $3750, being an MIT student already up to her eyeballs in a lifetime’s worth of debt, the RIAA helpfully countered: So? Drop out of school so you can afford it.

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