An Agile Provider Jumps Through Hoops

In what appears to be a twist on iterative marketing, Razorfish is unveiling its newest offering–Razorfish Agile–which intends to help C-level executives develop products and services faster and more efficiently.
Razorfish describes their “agile” concept as a faster way for designers and technologists to launch websites and digital marketing campaigns, especially where complex application development is required. Instead of specialists creating polished designs and handing them off to each other in assembly-line fashion for development, agile teams work in collaboration to quickly develop and revise prototypes based on customer feedback.
“CMOs are letting go of their obsession with producing one-shot campaigns based on a single idea,” said Razorfish Chief Technology Officer Ray Velez. “The agile test-and-learn approach is becoming especially popular as CMOs respond to pressure to prove their value constantly through innovation.”
The agency’s training program educates clients on issues such as how to create a schedule and estimate costs for an agile project, and how to build agile teams.
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