American Craft Beers Soar, Consequently, Imports Lag

Ad Age is running an interview with Heineken’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christian McMahan, about the brand’s move to Euro RSCG–the agency behind “The Most Interesting Man In The World” campaign for Dos Equis–and their new work for the beer in the green bottle.
Here’s the part I’d like to go over:

We define the Heineken consumer as a social all-star who doesn’t play it safe. And that’s how we’re going to define it going forward.

Sales of Heineken declined nearly 11% last year, so the pressure is on to reverse this slide into oblivion. And pressure of this sort can be pretty intense for everyone in the room. After all, there are Manhattan mortgages to pay, second homes, private schools for the kids…
The social all-star who doesn’t play it safe… Wow.
Is this all-star the kind of guy 21 to 24 year old males aspire to be? The young exec who isn’t quite done with his fraternity pranks?
Heineken isn’t a bad beer. It deserves better.



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