All’s Quiet On The Entertainment Keyboard

According to Toronto’s Globe & Mail, several blogs that cover the entertainment beat have “gone dark” to support the WGA writers who are presently out on strike.

Blogs like The CineManiac and Media Pundit didn’t actually shut down or run black pages. Instead, they ran statements in support of the strike in place of their regular content, which in most cases consists of industry chatter about whose show has been canned or which writer-producer just got fired.
In addition to CineManiac and Media Pundit, other blogs that went down included Give Me My Remote, Glowy Box, Mikey Likes TV, Ramblings of a TV Whore and Televisionary. Among those that didn’t drop the mouse and keyboard in support of their union brethren were TV Squad (part of the Gawker Media blog empire run by Nick Denton) and Lost Remote.



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