Advertising Scandinavian Aesthetics

I’ve been looking at lifeiscarbon, from ad man Nicholas McLean, for a few weeks now. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on there, but this post helps spell it out.

For less regular readers of lifeiscarbon® or those who may be new to the website, we thought it worth quickly restating what we do and why we do it. At it’s simplest, lifeiscarbon® is a way for us to raise awareness and interest in Scandinavian Aesthetics and particularly in the art, design, fashion and music from the region that we happen to love. Why? Partly because it provides useful research for a number of The Carbon Foundation’s own ventures (ie carbonislife® –retail concept, carbonphotography® – commercial photography, ordinaryeverday® – fashion brand and lifeiscarbon® – print edition) but more importantly because we want to help local talent. Sadly, we’ve had the privilege of knowing too many talented individuals and companies from the region who simply don’t get the critical and financial return that they deserve. This website is one of the many small ways in which we try to help them.

One reason I’m taking note of this is the geo-cultural nature of McLean’s focus. As the world becomes more global and exchange happens on the personal and community level, we see how important local culture is. That, in turn, says to us maybe our own local culture is also important, and worth supporting. What do you think, is your local culture worth supporting?



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