Adrants Leads The Way

Steve Hall of Adrants answered some questions today.

If you asked me in March of 2002 when Adrants was launched as a side project to fill time during a period of between agency unemployment if it would ever become a self-sustaining business that pays all the family’s bills and would become, in March 2004, my full time job, I would have called you crazy. But, miraculously, that has become the case. Ten thousand people subscribe to this site’s daily email newsletter and that number increases by 50-100 each day. The site is visited by 12-15,000 unique individuals each day and pumps out 25-30,000 page views per day. Seven thousand people subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. And the numbers keep curving up. And to think I was excited when, one day, Site Meter indicated I had 100 people reading the site each day. Times have changed dramatically including the fast changing media landscape that made all of this possible. That and the powerful motivation that last unemployment check had on things.

It took Steve two years to turn his blog into a full time venture. We’re only 14 months in to our project here, and we have a long ways to go to profitability. But it can be be done. Adrants is living proof of that.



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