Ad People Are Creative People (mostly)

When presenting agency capabilities, how often do you stretch beyond the org chart? Sure, you determine some points of difference and place catchy epigrams on Power Point slides, but these steps, although necessary, don’t properly capture your company. How could they? You need human beings for that job.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story, where Atlanta shop SuperGroup was pitching The Weather Channel on its abilities to produce original music for a promotional site. Weather Channel executives were hesitant, because that wasn’t an area where SuperGroup had a lot of experience.
To prove its abilities, SuperGroup presented the Weather Channel team with a CD of employees’ original music — and won the business. SuperGroup wrote all of the music for the project.
“I jumped at the chance to put my music out in front of anybody,” says Elliott Rothman, a SuperGroup Web developer. Music he wrote and his guitar playing were used in the Weather Channel project.
All of which is outstanding. But why does the song in the video I just mashed up on the Weather Channel site sound so familiar?
[via Reveries]



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