A Christmas Eve Message From A Billionaire Blogger

On Christmas Eve, Mark Cuban, founder of HDnet and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, published a lengthy piece on his blog about advertising opportunities in high definition television. In route, he takes shot at the momentary darling of media planners everywhere.

HDTV is the Internet video killer. Deal with it. Internet video won’t replace TV. It wont even complement TV offerings. It will flourish in the office. It will be a fun way to share personal content privately or publicly. It will be Community Access TV.
Sure internet video is the hot sexy thing now. But where do advertisers get the greatest value? From putting their TV ads on the net? By creating 10 second spots for pre or post roll and showing them on PC monitors? Or by creating commercials in HD that look beautiful on the brand new HDTV that millions of homes just installed and are excited to see new programming, including commercials on?

While Cuban pitches, Om Malik’s NewTeeVee interviews Amanda Congdon, a broadcaster with web cred and a new deal with ABC.
Meanwhile, there’s a new Amanda on the vlog scene. Her name is Lindsay Campbell.



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