The Optimists At 72andsunny Are Rockin’ In The Paid World

The Hundreds paid a recent visit to 72andsunny in Playa Vista. The result is a look inside one of today’s top agencies and their remodeled mid-century modern offices.

If we were an architectural lifestyle ‘zine, we’d jump all over the intricacies of the building design, and how Howard Hughes once worked here. But what AdPulp readers want to know is HOW THE HELL to get a job at 72andsunny.

According to founding partner, Glenn Cole, “I think all the people who got in the door did so by tenacity. I think that’s almost our favorite calling card.”

There it is, you need to be tenacious to make it at 72andsunny, or any other place of high merit. If that answer leaves you wanting, all I can say is you’re not the only one.

Naturally, 72andsunny’s success over the past decade has led to great client interest. To some degree, an agency with this much going for it gets to pick and choose its clients—a luxury afforded to just a handful of people in this industry.

When asked what 72andsunny looks for in a client, Cole says, “It doesn’t have to be a giant client. Whatever size they are, they have wildly ambitious and audacious goals. I think that’s a top two filter.”

There it is, you must be wildly ambitious to hook your brand wagon to this high-powered idea engine. Show ’em your big hairy audacious goals or go home.

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