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Heads Are Rolling In Detroit Today

Chevy Tahoe just screwed up BIG TIME. In attempt to do the right thing and fully embrace consumer generated content, someone forgot that it needs to be screened first, before it goes live. Oops. Here’s copy from one ad, now live on the Chevy Apprentice site. Like Snow? Beautiful landscapes? Be sure to take it […]

Dream On

In 2005, Coca Cola, Speedo and others spent a paltry one million on research into embedding ads in our dreams. eMarketer predicts that companies will be spending more than three billion on in-sleep advertising by 2020. Here’s how it works (but not really): All in-sleep subjects have a procedure to implant a nanobot (a tiny […]

Goodby’s Grasp On Interactive Called Into Question

“The materials on this website are copyrighted and are presented exclusively for viewing by clients, prospects, and employees. Before entering the site, we ask that you agree not to copy, rebroadcast, or otherwise reproduce the work displayed here.” –Goodby Silverstein & Partners I’ve noticed this STOP sign before, and bemusedly bypassed it. Sure, it’s annoying, […]

How To Feed Crackberry Addicts

Blackberry just got some kick ass press from Steve Rubel. After making a casual study of commuters on the Long Island Railroad, Rubel notes the lack of newspapers, and the growing number of devices. He surmises: It’s (the Blackberry screen) more valuable real estate than the back page of the Wall Street Journal. The key […]

Wal-Mart War Room Needs Combatants

On the surface Wal-Mart is a place to buy cheap tube socks. But scratch that surface and the Bentonville, AR multi-national is a Goliath, with a steady stream of incoming rocks slung by a nation of Davids. One of those highly organized group of Davids is Wal-Mart Watch. The group recently got its hands on […]


The world of Rock, Paper, Scissors is a world divided. On one hand there is the authentic World RPS Society out of Toronto. On the other, we have the upstart USARPS, which on the surface seems fake. USARPS even has fake news on their web site, and not the good Comedy Central kind. At the […]

Vibrate Your Way Through Client Presentations

The following technological breakthrough may be the best presentation aid ever invented, even though it was not made for that purpose. A device that can pick up on people’s emotions is being developed to help people with autism relate to those around them. It will alert its autistic user if the person they are talking […]

DIY Branding

This is how Detroit Free Press writer, Kortney Stringer, sees consumer generated content: Advertisers are showing their desperation. The boom in consumer-generated advertising is just the latest way companies are trying to stop people from ignoring or avoiding their ads. By giving consumers a say-so, marketers hope people will be more likely to watch the […]