Welcome to the Viral Superbowl

Someone on the brand team at Dr. Pepper is spending a lot of time on YouTube. And why not? There are learnings to be gleaned and talent to be mined there.
Take singer-songwriter and distinctive vocalist, Tay Zonday. He’s already an internet hitmaker, so Dr. Pepper wisely hitched a ride on his wagon, asking him to remake his “Chocolate Rain” vid (which has been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube) into something the brand could benefit from.
According to the daily (ad) biz, the brand’s agency of record, Y&R, did not have a hand in this video production. So ad peeps are not just being outsourced to India and other low-wage nations. Strategies are being written by the brand team and execution is being handed off to DIY consumers and culture makers.
Isn’t disruption fun?

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