This Blood’s For You

Here’s an ad for a fictitious product being used to sell a very real TV show on HBO.
The marketing team supporting TRUE BLOOD, HBO’s new television series, asked …And Company for a campaign that leveraged the fictional beverage, TRU BLOOD.
The agency designed and executed a sequence of print and out-of-home advertisements that promoted the pseudo-blood beverage in the form of a contemporary liquor ad, replete with phrases that echo the ubiquitous “Drink Responsibly” tagline used on all alcoholic packaged drinks. The campaign proved to be so realistic that would-be consumers showed up in liquor stores asking for the TRU BLOOD beverage, with the expressed desire to purchase it.
Seems like the logical next step here would be for a liquor company to jump in and manufacture said product. Where’s there’s customer desire, there ought to be a product to satisfy it.

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