The BeanCast Episode 164: Can You Say “Ewanick” Three Times Fast?

I was a guest on Bob Knorpp’s The BeanCast again last night. Download the show from iTunes now.

Thanks to Knorpp’s gracious invite (and my patented contentiousness), I joined Wendi Cooper of C Spot Run, Kelly Eidson of Modea and Tyler Hurst on the program’s 164th episode.

We discussed GM’s desire to be more like Apple; social media and the London riots; how/why search and video appeal to the affluent; the overselling of gameification; the U.S.P.O.’s attempt to modernize, and more.

It’s always fun to bounce the marcom topics of our day around a Skype-enabled room full of people with intelligent things to say.

Eidson mentioned at the end of the program that Modea–which was just recognized by Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year awards–is hiring. I just took a look at the shop’s Careers page, and they do indeed have jobs, including one for a Senior Copywriter and another for a Creative Director.

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