Creatives Now Have Their Workplace And An Extended Online Network For Side Jobs

Like Victors & Spoils and Lab Rats before it, GiantHydra is a new kind of collaborative environment for creative professionals.

Developed by Ignacio Oreamuno of, the online community of creative professionals, or “Mass Collaboration Unit,” is now ready for use by early adopter clients interested in tapping the power of the crowd (a word I don’t see used in GiantHydra’s presentation).
Typically fearless TAXI used GiantHydra in a global pitch that involved the agency’s offices in New York, Amsterdam, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.
TAXI Global Creative Director Steve Mykolyn said, “The future of advertising has definitely changed and we recognized the potential of the GiantHydra to integrate all of our people and resources in a way that is just not possible in the offline world.”
I think the fact that an agency like Taxi used GiantHydra to fuel collaboration among existing team members in far off offices is an interesting development in the ever-evolving crowdsourcing story. And it seems to suggest that GiantHydra is one part online community, and another part shareware solution.

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