Michael J. Fox On Stem Cell Research

We’re definitely seeing the power of the Internet, and in particular YouTube, as it helps candidates spread their message beyond their constituency. This ad is for a Democratic Senate candidate in Missouri, but the issue transcends the Show Me state.
Powerful. And very, very sad to see.

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  1. Wow. That was powerful and sad – and courageous on the part of Fox to allow himself to be used in this way.

  2. It’s a *little* bit disingenuous — he pronounces Missouri like a native: “Missourah”. Is that supposed to make the ad more genuine? If so, I think the message was genuine enough without the added inflection. Granted, Fox has strong celebrity pull and has been an advocate for stem cell research because of his own affliction. However, I would think that they would find an actual Missourian, maybe alongside Fox…

  3. Very few natives even say Missourah – so yeah – in that sense , he was coached, as that will appeal to a certain older (likely Republican leaning) demo.
    On another note, I hear that Limbaugh today accused Fox of playing up his disorder and overacting the shaking/twitching, saying something to the effect of “he managed to keep his eyes on the teleprompter while his head and body were jerking.”

  4. Mr. Fox,
    Your physical tribulations are a tragedy and my heart goes out to you. You are in my prayers as you face what is, no doubt, the struggle of your life.
    I truly pray you do not lose this battle, but you have already lost the most important battle of your life, the survival of your soul.
    Your ill-conceived attempt to extol stem cell research as the panacea for the cure of Parkinsen’s is transparent for what it is – an out and out fraud. You know damn well that there IS NO scientific evidence as to the efficacy of this medical procedure.
    Yet you use your public personna to give false hope to thousands of people suffering with the same illness. And that’s why you have already sold your soul to the devil.

  5. I have been diabetic for 36 years now. I have other diseases & ailments that have come along from my body falling apart. These politicians need to suffer from a life threatening disease before they will be able to relate to our fight. Stem cell research is so important for us to continue on and make life better for others.

  6. Jim Hagner says:

    Since much if not all of the information presented in the political campagn ad by Michael was false. It was not even presented as inuendo but as fact. This makes it a lie and I always respected Michael, not just for his career and only doing clean shows with a basic message of honesty and integrity, But for his coragiously not giving in to his disease. This does not play to that impression and consequently dirties Michaels image.
    The facts are that stem cell research is already leagal and underway in both states in the state universities and other big research colleges in the states. Both republician canidates voted for adult stem cell research.
    There are two ways of looking at this. One, the one I choose, is that Michael did not know that the ads were a lie and was told false information. His passion for a cure made him vurnable to manipulation by this false information. Two, he knew it was a lie and did it anyway because he hates republicians, purticularly conservatives. To maintain some respect for Michael I have chosen to believe the first choice, You must make your own decision.

  7. I don’t get it…you mean someone who does not believe in scientific inquiry reads AdPulp? Fucking Google.

  8. Jim’s argument might be more persuasive if he could spell. But it appears he’s “vurnable” to the messages of “republician canidates.”

  9. This is an unfortunate situation. Here is a person affected by a disease willing to look past the fact that there are no current cures for Parkinson’s disease, and meeting that knowledge with a desire to expirement with stem cells for a cure. When is enough, enough to use these cells means destroying future life. How does one way their own worth, Michael J. Fox seems to be a sincere individual, however is his life more important than any other human life. The difference between embryonic stem cell research and cloning lies only in the end product. There is research and treatments being done with adult stem cells taken from living adults, even cadaver’s which has shown to slow the progression of Parkinson’s however, this does not cure the disease as of yet, therfore embryo’s are still considered to be the answer. What if these stem cells do prove to cure disease, think of how many adults, fully grown adults that could be cured. Are we truly at a point that we would sacrifice viable embryos to cure disease.

  10. I understand the effects of Parkinson’s Disease and that he wants to see research to progress forward. But Mr. Fox must find out and research items such as the proposed bill in Missouri before he endorses things instead of just accepting what people tell him. If Mr. Fox wants to be a creditable advocate for research into cures he needs to do his homework. This bill deals with cloning not stem cell research. Stupidity is not an excuse. Mr. Fox should know that Missouri already has dealt with the stem cell issue and it is legal in the state of Missouri. Mr. Fox before you make ads for something read the proposed bill, all of it.

  11. Dr. Louise Giroux says:

    Mr. Fox
    I have new found PRIDE in watching you today…you are a GIANT of a human being. I am a psychologist, with MS for 20 yrs or so and diabetes and asthma. I feel enraged at the gross comments from Mr. Rushbow… who should be blessed with Parkinson’s Disease. As a Canadian, I am equally proud to be part of those who cheer for Stem Cell Research…Those who are inspired to share their strength such as You, do so, in spite of the suffering you endure. I cried when I saw you…as I did when I read your book.
    I interviewed C. Reeve while researching the effect of resilience in face of physical challenge. Now, I have 2 supermen to follow:
    Christopher Reeve and Michael J. Fox
    with respect
    Dr L. Giroux

  12. I would just like to say that in light of the fact that my own grandmother struggled with Parkinson’s disease for several years this research could help so many people. And if you have not done the research do not preach to the rest of society about how bad of person we are for even trying to find a cure. Be thankful that there are people that will stand up and fight for what they believe in and not just stand around and watch!!

  13. Diane L Bingham says:

    I see all of Rush Limbaugh mindless zombie fan’s are jumping on the trash Michael bandwagon – let’s compare the two
    Rush Limbaugh, thrice married, voluntary drug addict who was willing to let his employee take the fall – who then cluttered up the airways crying and pleading for mercy to stay on the air with his narcissistic – sociopathic vitriole.
    Michael J. Fox..once married decent human being who has dealt courageously with an uninvited affliction – asking for nothing more than his fellow humans consider scientific inroads that might alleviate human suffering.
    My money’s on Michael. Stem cell research may not be a “republican” thing – but human suffering is not for politicizing – and 5000 years of existence has proven you can’t stop science.
    Keep it up Michael.

  14. Mike Darnell says:

    MIKE, I think you are full of S*** Gee I pretend for a living you should listen to me cause I am the only one who has suffered. I want to kill so I can live.Your stem cell science has been proven a fraud. Hey Mike you are a true son of canada land of bull S***.Do us all a favor….move back I’m sure they would love ya, EH…….

  15. Paul Herrin says:

    If you take an egg away from the chicken, you can eat it. If you take an embryo from the womb you can have stem cells. Cloning is what happens to the stem cells when left alone to divide. Our bodies produce stem cells for healing. They just need the extra to promote healing in people who lack them. It is like testosterone. Or maybe hormones. People sometimes lose these things in life and have to get some from the Doctor. If your confused about these things I suggest you put in your search on your browser, Stem Cell Research and study what the scientist have to say about it. I personally did an essay in college for Eng. 101 and it cleared up a lot of questions. I cannot convince a person whom is convinced that this is interupting pregnancy like an abortion. I think it is not a fetus until it passes the embryo stage. Therefore it is not alive yet.

  16. Anne Jamieson says:

    In the most recent copy of the BMJ (British Medical Journal) I read an article which stated that Scottish scientists hope to supply human stem cells in 2007. The initiative is the result of the establishment ROSLIN CELLS a publicly funded and not for profit research center. Dr. Paul de Sousa, chief scientific officer says, “We are talking about creating an abundant supply of cells that are tolerant to the recipient, safe to the general public and functional.” They aim to make cell lines available at low cost to help promote worldwide efforts to exploit the potential of stem cell technology to treat disease and develop drugs. Is this something that the foundation is aware of?

  17. Okay, I have noticed that there has been some confusion concerning this whole situation. Hopefully I can clear things up just a little bit. In the ads, Michael J. Fox states that he supports the democratic candidate who is voting for embryonic stem cell research. EMBRYONIC stem cell research. I repeat that because it seems that people want to lump it all together.
    There are two types of stem cell research: ADULT and EMBRYONIC. So far, there have been ZERO cures developed from EMBRYONIC stem cell research, mostly because they are too unstable to replicate. However, ADULT stem cells have produced dozens of cures. Incidentally, the Republican Party fully endorses ADULT stem cell research because it is and has been and will continue to show promise for curing chronic diseases.
    I am a fan of Michael J. Fox and I truly hope that he simply has his facts mixed up. Why do people want tax payer money to be spent on research that is going nowhere rather than on research that has already shown results?
    Also, to people on both sides of the issue: please stop politicizing these important issues. Pay attention to what is going on and support the people who are trying to make a difference. EMBRYONIC stem cells have shown no results while ADULT stem cells have. End of story.