@GaryVee Delegates Amplifies His Social Media Voice Via A “Content Person”

Gary Vaynerchuk became a video star and disruptive force in the wine industry care of his success with Wine Library TV. But he gave that up and has been busy building his social media marketing agency Vayner Media–taking it from 30 to 250 “young people.”

Doing so has meant the continual emptying (and refilling) of his proverbial bucket. In other words, @GaryVee, like most managers, needs to move things off his plate so he can concentrate on the big objectives in front of him.

scale one to one

Unlike most managers though, Vaynerchuk is compelled to create content and to interact with thousands of people online. He calls it scaling one-to-one. But scaling one-to-one is a high wire act with no net to catch you when you fall, and you will fall down repeatedly without a workable answer.

According to Forbes, Vaynerchuk has assigned the challenge of capturing his fast-moving thought stream to a staffer, who presumably shadows his boss throughout the day.

Why is Vaynerchuk doing this, and opening himself up to claims of narcissism? “Content is the cost of entry to relevance in today’s society,” he says. He also predicts the rise of thousands of “content people” who will speak for busy executives in social channels. I suppose the new role is something like a speech writer, but for the always-on 21st century media environment.

I am a fan of Vaynerchuk’s, but there’s something about outsourcing one’s personal story and daily interactions that I don’t like. For brands, yes — hire a whole team of content people, a.k.a. writers, photographers, videographers and designers. But for individuals invested in their personal brand, I’m not so sure.

Vaynerchuk admits he’s not a writer, and that he needs help conveying his pearls of MarCom wisdom in text. No harm there. My concern is that this isn’t a solution for scaling one-to-one that many people will choose to employ. And that leaves the challenge unmet. So, how do you scale one-to-one and remain authentic?

Update, 8 June 2013: The real Gary Vaynerchuk showed up here, and on Twitter to explain his moves in greater detail. I appreciate his willingness to engage — after all, that’s what a pro does.

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  1. I am not letting someone engage on my behalf, every tweet I put out is me, the videos I make are me, someone transcribing my audio or video taping an interview on the spot is what I am taking about, not outsourcing me or who I am – EVERY tweet EVERY engagement is ME!

    • Thanks for the clarification, Gary. Too bad it got out on Forbes like that. BTW, I appreciate the real you stopping by ADdPulp to chime in and set the record straight.