Forget “Big Love”…”Mad Men” Is On Its Way

Matt Weiner, who has written scripts for The Sopranos, has a new show in the easy-bake oven. It’s called “Mad Men,” and will chronicle the fictional lives of ad execs at fictional ad agency, Sterling Cooper in the 1960s.
According to Ad Age, Weiner describes the show as, “A lot of f**king and drinking and very, very wry and funny. The people are aware of the fact that what they’re doing is bulls**t.”
AMC has commissioned a one-hour pilot. Rob Sorcher, AMC’s exec VP-programming and productions, started out as an advertising copywriter at Benton & Bowles. Despite its 1960s setting, he said the show offers a social commentary on today. And AMC is optimistic “Mad Men” will elicit high interest among advertisers.

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