Simplicity Sells: A London Ad Agency Gets It

I have been staring at dozens of agency websites from multinational to small market agencies. I am blown away by how similar they all are. You know what I am talking about. Same positioning and messaging “WE Blah, Blah for our clients….; WE are all about the work; WE are / look cool; WE want you to call us but are so laid back that you will have to search for our contact section.” And on and on.

Really, put yourself in the head of a prospect. How can they possibly tell you all apart?

Occasionally an agency site does stand out. Here is one from Joint, a new agency with offices in London and it seems at some point New York, Shanghai and Sao Paulo (I love their tongue-in-cheek chutzpah.)

Joint’s site succeeds immediately by giving a visitor two choices: make “Contact” or learn about “Us.” Learn more and contact us are arguably the two main objectives of most agency sites and Joint delivers via in your face type and a bit of word play.

How refreshing. If I were a client looking for an agency that can deliver on brand differentiation–and isn’t this be what clients should be looking for in a great agency?–then I’d hit contact.

Here is the agency’s Christmas site:

What’s cool about this version beyond the music? They have opened a Lapland office. Take that WPP!



About Peter Levitan

Peter worked at Saatchi & Saatchi for 16 years. He was CEO and founder of Advance Publication’s New Jersey Online. Most recently he was CEO of the Portland ad agency Citrus which he sold in 2011. Peter also recently wrote Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide about Boomers “offing themselves” before they go broke.