Microsoft Will Shift $1 Billion To Digital

By 2010, Microsoft will shift most of its $1 billion in U.S. ad spend to digital formats, according to senior VP Mich Mathews. Traditional media will play a role, but the goal will be to involve consumers in the brand. From MediaDailyNews:

That [involvement] mantra has become so critical that it’s taken into consideration when creating TV spots and other video ads. Providing content that consumers can take ownership of via mashups and other tinkering is key. “It’s now a factor in the creative process,” Mathews said.
For example, an Xbox spot for the “Gears of War” game featured creative from agency McCann-Erickson that an amateur mish-mashed into his own version, complete with the “Stayin’ Alive” track from the Bee Gees. It generated loads of streams on YouTube.
…Mathews said she is so committed to digital dominance–or at least its strong role in an integrated campaign–that she wants her digital marketing team in all planning sessions.



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