Magazines Poised For Unprecedented Growth, For Sure

Though much of the Freudian cannon has been debunked, some of his vocabulary still rings true, and if nothing else, provides handy explanations for otherwise inexplicable comments such as this one from Nina Link, president of the Magazine Publishers of America.

Nina Link responded to Merrill Lynch’s report that the Internet will take in more advertising dollars in 2006 than magazines by saying, “The people who report on media like to think that’s really significant. I don’t.”

The quote, along with a perfunctory analysis of the magazine blues, can be found at Online Media Daily. You can read a somewhat stiff and corporate-sounding chant from Nina on how the magazine industry will expand onto digital platforms here.
In the spirit of full disclosure: a) I was once referred to a collection agency by a psychoanalyst and b) I love magazines and will continue to read them.
Neverthless, Nina’s in denial. Magazines are in trouble. Frued was a witch doctor.



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