Bloggers Are Active Offline, Too

Blogads surveyed more than 55,000 blog readers and found that there are four distinct blogospheres: mom blogs, music blogs, gossip blogs, and political blogs. (I gotta think there are many more than that.) Anyway, look at the numbers that confirm what we already know; namely, that bloggers are active–not only with their time, but with their money. Here’s a cherry picked summary of the survey results, courtesy of ClickZ:

In the last six months, 70% [of political blog browsers] contributed to a cause or campaign online, 41 percent spending $100 or more.
86% of music blog readers bought music online and 47 percent spent over $100.
68% [of gossip blog readers] purchased clothing on the Web…and over 48 percent spent more than $100.
The mom blog crowd, a 90 percent female bunch reading motherhood and parenting-related blogs…also buy lots of clothes online: 72 percent did in the last six months, and 46 percent spent over $100. A large majority, 83 percent, purchased books on the Web; 36 percent spent over $100.

And a side note about podcasts that I found baffling: “62 percent of music blog readers, 75 percent of political blog readers, 77 percent of mom blog readers and 80 percent of gossip blog readers said they never listen to podcasts.” [ital mine]



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