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  • HighJive

    a day at the KKKarnival…?

  • nancy

    Is this in the United States or another prominent country where such drapings are worn religiously?
    It would be helpful to clarify pictures with words. Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words to the wrong story. But that wouldn’t be the teller’s fault. Well, kinda. Who is the teller? The picturelooker or the picturetaker?

  • HighJive

    >>Is this in the United States or another prominent country where such drapings are worn religiously?

  • Nancy

    High Jive,
    I bow to your expertise. Exclusive American. Is it also exclusively male? Could females be hidden under those robes?
    I am white, middle-aged, and a “well-off” American woman, who has never had to work. I doubt if I have ever felt this type of discrimination.
    Although, lately I seem to be making this very petty case with a friend of mine about heightism for tall athletic females being more severe than for average height males. Not that it bothers me much.

  • HighJive

    oh, i wouldn’t claim to be an expert.
    but the klan has had female members — even female chapters. kids have participated too.
    guess it’s fun for the whole family.

  • Nancy

    wasn’t it some bored guys from Tennessee. Being bored in TN? Okay, i can relate, there.
    The costumes may be… derivative or just similar to other things I have seen.

  • bill

    kkk started in illinois, not tennessee.

  • speaking for Jake

    I hate Illinois Nazis!

  • HighJive

    i’ll say again that i’m no expert, but please provide a reference for your contention that kkk started in illinois. most sources claim the kkk started in the south, probably tennessee.

  • back to speaking for Nancy

    I heard such, too. I was in that founding city (or the rumors of such). Not for the tourism aspect of the kkk, mind you.

  • David Burn

    A thought a moment of zen called for quiet contemplation.

  • Nancy

    In that case those moments I lived in Zennessee were forever like forever.

  • nancy

    For the right price–what a state motto!
    Hey that! I would sell out. Only because the meaning is so deep to me, man!
    Don’t ask why! Don’t ask why….
    candles …