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  1. a day at the KKKarnival…?

  2. Is this in the United States or another prominent country where such drapings are worn religiously?
    It would be helpful to clarify pictures with words. Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words to the wrong story. But that wouldn’t be the teller’s fault. Well, kinda. Who is the teller? The picturelooker or the picturetaker?

  3. >>Is this in the United States or another prominent country where such drapings are worn religiously?

  4. High Jive,
    I bow to your expertise. Exclusive American. Is it also exclusively male? Could females be hidden under those robes?
    I am white, middle-aged, and a “well-off” American woman, who has never had to work. I doubt if I have ever felt this type of discrimination.
    Although, lately I seem to be making this very petty case with a friend of mine about heightism for tall athletic females being more severe than for average height males. Not that it bothers me much.

  5. oh, i wouldn’t claim to be an expert.
    but the klan has had female members — even female chapters. kids have participated too.
    guess it’s fun for the whole family.

  6. wasn’t it some bored guys from Tennessee. Being bored in TN? Okay, i can relate, there.
    The costumes may be… derivative or just similar to other things I have seen.

  7. kkk started in illinois, not tennessee.

  8. I hate Illinois Nazis!

  9. bill,
    i’ll say again that i’m no expert, but please provide a reference for your contention that kkk started in illinois. most sources claim the kkk started in the south, probably tennessee.

  10. back to speaking for Nancy says:

    I heard such, too. I was in that founding city (or the rumors of such). Not for the tourism aspect of the kkk, mind you.

  11. A thought a moment of zen called for quiet contemplation.

  12. In that case those moments I lived in Zennessee were forever like forever.

  13. For the right price–what a state motto!
    Hey that! I would sell out. Only because the meaning is so deep to me, man!
    Don’t ask why! Don’t ask why….
    candles …