Yogurt — It Goes Good With Jewels!

The New York Times shares this “Ridiculously Thick Yogurt” ad from Fage, a Greek food company with U.S. distribution.
After coming up with the idea to mix Fage’s affordable luxury with the kind of non-affordable luxuries the word “luxury” was invented for, Fage’s ad agency, Ogilvy New York, approached both Honora and Tourneau directly and worked with their in-house marketing departments on media placement and concept development.
Ralph Orssini, the president of Honora, acknowledged some initial concern about dunking his fine jewelry in yogurt for an ad. “At first I had to really be explained what the concept was,” he said, adding that he soon realized that the creative campaign could speak to a younger generation.
He also said that he saw similarities between the products: Honora pearls have the highest nacre content of pearls on the market, Mr. Orssini said, “so in essence, we sell ridiculously thick cultured pearls, and they sell ridiculously thick cultured yogurt.”
Fage has cultivated a devoted following in urban markets, where Total yogurt is sold in high-end grocery stores like Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Trader Joe’s.



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