Will Volkswagen Lose Its Cojones?

From The Wall Street Journal (sorry, you’ll need access to the entire article):

Cojones is a Spanish word that means, literally, testicles. In the U.S., however, it’s a sort of catchall term for daring. That’s approximately what Volkswagen was going for in a blunt black and white billboard featuring its GTI 2006 model accompanied by two words in big, bold letters — “Turbo-Cojones.”
But the campaign has boomeranged, with Volkswagen taking the billboards down in three cities after they quickly generated a firestorm in Cuban-dominated Miami. “In English, Turbo-Balls might not sound so offensive,” says Luis Perez Tolon, an instructor at Miami-Dade College who supervises a writing program for Spanish-language network, Telemundo. “But in the Spanish-speaking community, it will always have a vulgar connotation.”

An agency called CreativeOnDemand, not Crispin, was responsible for these billboards.

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