Why Blogs Are Like High School

Todd at A Penny For is sick of all the blog hype. I too, am growing tired of the generalizations, overstatements and inner circle elitism. Speaking of cliques, check out this cartoon from Hugh MacLeod.
Here’s the comment I left at his site.

It’s all downhill after you do (jump the shark). Right?
Regarding the C-listers comment, is it not funny that a technology that purports to free us from such hierarchies, does not?
We’re humans, regardless of which tools we employ. And humans want order/structure, just like wolves.

So, when I see Steve Rubel make a post about how Scoble and Dave Winer are coming to NYC for tomorrow’s Geek Dinner, I’m at a loss. This is worthy of a post? It’s only news if you’re deep inside that clique.
I generally enjoy Rubel’s blog, and he certainly has every right to post whatever he wants. Winer and Scoble add star power to the event in question, and for people coming to the Geek Dinner, or considering, that star power is important. What I’m saying is screw blogging stars. I know nothing can be done about it. It’s human nature to want stars, and want to be a star. Maybe I’m in a mood, but the whole idea rubs me the wrong way.



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