When You Want To Buy Something

With Mighty Goods, Margaret Mason has taken a page from Manolo’s Shoe Blog and another page from Josh Rubin’s Coolhunting. The result is sure to satisfy online shoppers.

Mighty Goods is a shopping blog that’s updated five days a week. We spend a great deal of time finding and posting things we love. These aren’t just any old things, these are exactly the right things. They will brighten your eyes, match your couch, and fix the annoying problem that’s been bothering you. They will make you want to fortify the economy with your purchasing power.
No one pays us to post products, though we do have associates accounts with some of the vendors, like Amazon.com.
Mighty Goods is written and curated by Margaret Mason, who is a sucker for good stuff. You’ll also find her at Mighty Girl and at The Morning News, where she’s a contributing writer.

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