When You Pay For Content, By Definition, It’s Something of Value

Serial entrepreneur Patricia Handschiegel is looking forward to 2010. She says it’s going to be “a cool year for the internet.”

She also sees some interesting challenges on the horizon and what the response to those challenges might be.

Launching ideas in the not far away future will require much more investment, effort and strategy. Less people will do it. Quality content will become an issue to the users to the point that subscription models will likely start to work. (emphasis added by Editor) Subscription access opportunities will start to flourish as users will migrate outward from their current use of things like social networks. New ways of consuming content will come into play with the evolution of devices. The migration away from old, traditional platforms will likely accellerate by the end of 2010.

I like Handschiegel’s heart for subscriptions. It’s a model I’ve given a lot of thought to in 2009. Subscriptions offer a more intimate customer relationship. And in an increasingly promiscuous media, that intimacy is going to mean something.

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