Whatever You Do, Crush It

ABC Radio’s Dan Patterson asked Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV some questions about Crush It, his first book in a ten-book deal. The radio interview provides a good overview on the book, which aims to provide a blueprint for others seeking Vaynerchuk-like success on the social Web.

I read Crush It today in one sitting. It’s a quick read, a bit basic in places, but inspirational in others. I like his passion and his personal narrative. He talks about his family’s move from Belarus to America, how he was a big baseball card collector as a kid and how he went to work in his family’s liquor store at 14.
Vaynerchuk works hard says if you’re willing to do the same, you can see some measure of the success he’s earned. I believe him, of course, but I also know that it’s a rare person who is ready and willing to give everything they’ve got to succeed on their own terms.
I read the book with an eye on where I need to improve my personal brand and this one. One thing that jumped out at me is Vaynerchuk’s equation for spending time creating content versus time spent cold calling potential advertisers, networking on sites in your topical universe and answering every email, blog comment or Twitter reply.
I spend way more time creating content than I do “pimping my ride.” According to Vaynerchuk, that needs to change.



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