What Can Brown Do For Me? Brown Can Curate My Business News, For Starters.

Steve Rubel, lifestreamer and VP-director of insights at Edelman Digital believes in brand-curated content, as his latest Ad Age piece shows.

…digital curation — both automated and human-powered — will be the next big thing to shake the web. There’s an evergreen need for those who can separate art from junk online. However, in this era, journalists won’t be the only ones to fulfill it. Brands can play here too.

One of the examples Rubel provides is popurls brown edition–the dashboard for business news.
I’m impressed by what UPS is doing. They get branded utility big time.
Their popurls page offers pointers to lots of news items of interest, like this one about McDonald’s opting for hunter green branding in Germany.
Wisely, UPS also embeds its own offerings on this page, distinguished by a small UPS bug. So, the brand also gets transparency, big time.



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