West Coasters – AdPulp wants a contributor or two

AdPulp.com is looking for a regular contributor or two from the west coast. Preferably, we’d like to see someone currently in an agency environment or brand shop, but it certainly isn’t a requirement. All we insist upon is an ability to form coherent sentence or two, a love for the ad/marketing game, the ability to post a couple-three articles a week, and a willingness to stay somewhat objective in your writings.
What is in it for said contributors? First, we have nice-sized unique user-base who frequent this site on a daily basis. Here is your chance to strut your stuff in front of a targeted audience and get your name out. Second, anything you author is yours – we are about to launch a couple background applications which will allow you to be in control of any advertising that might appear on the permalinked page your entry resides on – which will give you the potential to earn a few bucks off of your content. We also have every major market in the US covered with the exception of the Pacific time zone – if you are looking for contacts in other markets, you don’t have to go far to make some connections. We also have the top-bar of the site available to you for a couple days at a time if you ever want to pimp some of your work (and the space isn’t being occupied by a paid sponsor). Finally, in the event AdPulp.com ever becomes a money making entity, you will be in the door for some cash.
If you are still reading this and have some interest, email Shawn – shartley [at] gmail dot com (also linked on the sidebar). Please take the time to write up a couple quick entries and include them in your email so we can evaluate your style as well as your offline contact information.
If you are interested but don’t have the time commitment available to be a regular contributor, drop us a line anyway. We’d still love to have the occasional story from you (as well as your contact info in our Rolodex).



About Shawn Hartley

Creative technologist by day. VP at Corporate 3 Design in Omaha. Proud father and husband.