Vick Fans Dump Their Falcons Tickets

Well, it’s nothing a playoff run couldn’t fix, but Atlanta Falcons fans who buy tickets just to see Michael Vick play are unloading their seats, big time:

Since Vick’s tenure with the team unofficially ended with news of a plea agreement, fans have flooded eBay, Craigslist and StubHub with their season tickets. The Web suddenly looks like a surf shop in Des Moines.
“Dude, there are people selling season tickets on the lower level, 50-yard line for below face value,” said Daniels, who had been on a waiting list for tickets for three years. “That’s unheard of in any market.”
Now, I’m sure there are worse jobs today than trying to market the Falcons. But I can’t imagine too many exist outside of Washington or Baghdad. No Vick. An aging running back (Warrick Dunn) coming off back surgery. Little in the way of star quality. Or playoff hopes.

For the past 6 years or so, the Falcons’ brand and Michael Vick were one and the same. The team needs to rebuild on the field–and off the field, in order to keep its brand. Of course, with only one Super Bowl appearance in 40 years, maybe mediocrity is what the Falcons’ brand stands for.



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