Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

Wired brings more info to the table about Project Apollo

Marketers are testing new techniques to measure whether advertisers’ messages are getting across, and they are prepared to spend vast sums and deploy astonishingly complex technologies to do so.
To measure the impact of ad campaigns, VNU, the parent company of television-audience measurement firm Nielsen Media Research, and Arbitron, the media research firm, are developing an experimental program called Project Apollo that takes the concept of viewer tracking to a level of unprecedented detail.
The project, which the companies hope to roll out on a trial basis next year, will require participants to carry a pager-sized device that records all advertising messages to which its wearer is exposed. Participants will also record everything they buy, so that advertisers can figure out exactly which messages made an impact.
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I just love the fact that this project is expected to top $100 Million to roll out.



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