Too Close For Candy Maker’s Comfort

USA Today: Hershey wants to stop a California company from using the name Milkdudz for a line of clothing designed for breast-feeding mothers.
Hershey, which makes Milk Duds candy, said in a complaint to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that the nursing wear company’s proposed brand name is confusingly similar to that of the round chocolate-covered caramels Hershey sells.
Milkdudz — “not your mommaz nursing wear” — sells garments for nursing mothers ranging from “Goddess Gowns” to tank tops.
Kiersten Wall, who co-founded Milkdudz with Stephanie Schulte in March 2004, said Hershey owns the trademark only for candy, not for clothing, and vowed that her Temecula, Calif., company will fight the candy producer.
“It’s not like we’d be right next to them in the candy aisle. We’re in boutiques,” Wall told The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pa. “We’re not anywhere close to competing with Hershey’s.”



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