Three Online Directory Sites Your Business Needs to Be On

Three Online Directory Sites Your Business Needs to Be OnRunning a business means you need to understand online marketing. And a big part of your online marketing is just your online presence. When customers search for your business, you need to make sure you show up. Even more important, you need to make sure your business shows up for results when people are searching for your type of business. One of the most important things about your online presence is making sure you show up in the online directories, as that is where a lot of people tend to look. Making sure you show up in those directories is absolutely vital to the success of your business, and doing so will make sure you’re on the radar. Check out below for some information on the popular online directories you need to make sure you’re on, and see how to make your business show up on them if you haven’t already.

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages United is still one of the premier destinations that people go to when searching for information about a business. The Yellow Pages United is a directory filled with more than 14 million businesses, and if your business isn’t one of those 14 million, you need to make sure it is. Yellow Pages United lets users get directions to your business using Google Maps, and also lets users click on the phone number to your business, and it will dial automatically. Making an account for your business for the Yellow Pages United is free, but a premium subscription gives you access to a ton of awesome features that are sure to help your business.


One of the most popular online directories and review sites on the Internet, Yelp is an absolutely vital website that your business needs to be on. Chances are you’re already familiar with what Yelp is, but in summary it’s a review website where customers can rate your business and leave reviews. You’ll see both good and bad reviews on your Yelp site, but maintaining a profile for your business means you can respond to those negative reviews to try and make things right with the customer. There’s a pretty big chance that your business is already up on Yelp and people are reviewing it left and right, so make sure you claim your business in order to update your business information and respond to those reviews.

Google Places

According to the Google Places site, 97% of people use the Internet to find local businesses. That’s why it’s so important to have your business on a website like Google Places. Google Places is free, and let’s you easily update your business information whenever you want to make sure your business has accurate information. Google Places also lets people review your business, and lets people recommend your business to their friends. Google Places even makes it easy to advertise your business on Google, with Google AdWords Express. It’s a fantastic resource that every business owner needs to take advantage of.

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