These Ladies Are Dressed To Kill

Sarah Palin is a hunter. But she’s far from the only one.
That’s the message in a feature story from The Wall Street Journal today.

As the number of male hunters has declined, the sport has targeted women with everything from pink guns to gender-specific hunting courses. Now, they’re seeking out spokesmodels and pushing weapons tailored for women, such as lighter crossbows.
About five years ago, the outdoor-equipment industry began slapping pink paint on weapons, including handguns, and downsizing camouflage. “Initially their attitude was, ‘Pink it and shrink it’ and women will buy,” says Beth Ann Amico, an Oklahoma hunter and dog trainer who notes that pink defeats the purpose of camouflage. “We’re savvier than that.”
Now, arms makers are offering shorter gun stocks and barrels for women and crossbows requiring less upper-body strength. Apparel makers such as SHE Safari and Foxy Huntress LLC are marketing camouflage expressly to women. “The Foxy Huntress knows she’s dressed to kill in more ways than one,” says that three-year-old company’s Web site, touting “well-designed pieces cut with a female’s unique form and needs in mind.”



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